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Buryat Headwaters Expedition: US$ 6,950 per person

Upper River Adventure: US$ 6,950 per person

Lower River Expedition:  US$ 6,950 per person

Short Combination Trip (2 weeks): US$ 11,950 per person

Long Combination Trip (3 Weeks): US$ 17,950 per person


Buryat Headwaters Expedition: US$ 7,500 per person

Upper River Adventure: US$ 7,500 per person

Lower River Expedition:  US$ 7,500 per person 

Short Combination Trip (2 weeks): US$ 13,500 per person 

Long Combination Trip (3 Weeks): US$ 18,500 per person


Price includes:  two nights hotel in UB, airport transfers, transportation to/from the river, conservation and fishing permit (US$ 500), trout and taimen flies, guide services, and all meals, lodging, soft drinks, beer, wine, and classic Mongolian vodka while at camp.


Price does not include:  international airfare, meals and drinks in UB, and gratuities.  Any gratuities are given to the head-guide at the end of the trip who then disperses these to guides and staff.


We require all guests to have comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance. We highly recommend that you also secure travel insurance. We work closely with Global Rescue and have used their services to evacuate guests. Mongolia is an “at your own risk” travel destination. You will be in an extremely remote location with limited communication and quite far from adequate medical care facilities. Our teams are highly experienced, but please come prepared for wilderness travel conditions.


All guests enjoy private, single-accommodation hotel rooms in UB. Two anglers share double-accommodation at the river.  The gers and tent-tipis are very spacious.


Each boat accommodates two guests and one guide. The guides generally rotate so everyone gets a chance to fish with a variety of great guides.

Single Supplements: Please inquire.


We request a 50%, non-refundable advance payment to hold your reservation and payment in full at least 120 days prior to departure.


June – August:  Fish Mongolia 

September – October: Mongolia River Outfitters.

Please inquire for specific dates and availability.


This river was the first in Mongolia to be legally designated catch-and-release, single-barbless hook, fly-fishing only for all international anglers. We worked hard to get this river designated as the world’s first taimen sanctuary and insist that all clients practice catch-and-release fly fishing using single, barbless hooks.


Mongolia is surprisingly easy to reach. Ulaanbaatar (UBN) is served by regularly scheduled direct flights from Seoul, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Moscow, and Tokyo. We are more than happy to help answer questions regarding the best routing from your home. 


Please inquire with us regarding visa regulations. Most international visitors, including persons from the USA, do not currently require a visa prior to arrival in Mongolia. However, there are exceptions.  We will request a scanned copy of your passport at the time of booking. We have a fully staffed, full-time office in Ulaanbaatar. Our team can easily facilitate any necessary visa process.  


Mongolia is called “Blue Sky Country”.  Mongolia enjoys a dry, continental climate.  Warm, summer temperatures usually extend through September. Evenings are cool year-round. However, Mongolia’s weather can change quickly with rain or even snow possible any month. Our camps are well outfitted for chilly weather with plenty of cozy, wood burning stoves.  


We provide guests with a comprehensive packing list prior to departure. Guests are responsible for bringing their own rods, waders, and other fishing gear. We supply flies. Although you are welcome to experiment, we provide proven patterns for both taimen and trout. Many evenings after dinner, a couple of the guides will likely be sitting at a corner table tying flies. You’re welcome to join them whether you’re experienced or just want a few pointers.


Only international anglers holding a fishing permit allocated through Mongolia River Outfitters may legally fish this river. Our exclusive management agreement requires catch-and-release, fly fishing only with single, barbless hooks.

We have worked with national and local authorities for several decades to protect these rivers.  Both rivers we fish are designated as special Taimen Sanctuaries with additional restrictions and very active enforcement. Mongolian law requires that every angler obtain a variety of fishing permits, including a specific national permit for taimen. We arrange for all permits well in advance.

If you choose another outfitter on another river, please be certain that you are fishing legally. The outfitter must have an official management agreement providing access to a healthy taimen river before they can even purchase permits for you. Each permit costs hundreds of dollars. Beyond fishing permits, one must also obtain permission from national, state, local governments, protected areas, and even border authorities. Without the proper permits, you risk a heavy fine, loss of equipment, deportation, or imprisonment. This sounds harsh, but too many innocent anglers have ended up in this unfortunate situation.


Mongolia is amazing with a lot to experience. Our fly fishing visitors commonly add-on additional travel to other parts of the country. Very often, non fishing companions will join the float trips and/or visit other parts of the country while you’re out chasing taimen. Our autumn taimen fishing trips match well with the annual Eagle Hunting Festivals. It’s very easy to put together trips to the Gobi or arrange train travel to Beijing. Many guests simply choose to spend a few extra days in Ulaanbaatar before and/or after their trip to relax, sight-see, and shop. We are happy to provide ideas and can easily arrange for add-on excursions.

Please contact us to learn more about fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia.