Taimen are perhaps the
world’s most incredible
dry-fly experience. Every
taimen you encounter –
whether you botch the
hookset or make a clean
release – will create a
lasting memory.


We have invested decades establishing a successful taimen conservation program supported by meticulous fisheries management.

This river likely has Mongolia’s best taimen population in terms of numbers, density, and conserved habitat.

We catch and safely release hundreds of taimen each season. Anglers may anticipate several taimen encounters daily. However, taimen fishing is not easy. One day, the river may reward with double-digits. The next, the fish might get very finicky. 
Taimen destroy topwater flies, often exploding out of the water.  
They attack ducklings, mice, and gophers struggling in the river. They charge across the surface devouring trout, often driving prey onto the bank. 
Connect and you’re battling a monster.
MRO supplies all flies. Guest bring suitable fishing clothing and gear.  The best taimen rod for this river is a single hand 8 or 9 weight with a floating line and strong leader. 
Most taimen caught on the fly measure up to 40 inches (1m). Every year we catch many fish exceeding this. The river’s largest fish are 60+ inches (1.5m).
Herculean casting skills are not required to catch taimen. Persistence and attitude win the day.
Come prepared for a wonderful angling challenge, celebrate every fish, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

In short

  • The world’s largest trout.

  • Taimen will attack dry flies with abandon.

  • Seven years to sexual maturity and can live for fifty.

  • A taimen travels over one-hundred kilometers annually seeking prey.

  • Most taimen measure up to 1 meter (40 inches) with many fish exceeding 1.25 meters (50 inches).

“Having experienced one of your luxury float trips along with the incredible fishing … I realized my dream of 23 years when I finally hooked into that taimen of a lifetime.”

Alex M., Mauritius


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