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The River

We have explored every major taimen river in Mongolia and personally selected what we believe to be the finest rivers for fly fishing.

Our two fly fishing operations – Fish Mongolia and Mongolia River Outfitters – are situated in two completely different drainages.  The Fish Mongolia river is part of the Yenisey system, eventually flowing into the Arctic.  The Mongolia River Outfitters river – featured here – is part of the Amur system, eventually flowing into the Pacific.

Each river presents a unique and different fishing experience with waters exceptionally well suited to the fly angler.

At both operations, we use non-motorized drift boats to reach a string of isolated, environmentally progressive, and very comfortable camps.  The scenery and fishing are world class at both operations.

The government has worked with us to designate both locations as Taimen Sanctuaries.

Together, these two rivers represent nearly one-thousand kilometers of taimen habitat conserved in partnership with local communities.  No international angler may legally access these rivers without a permit secured through either Fish Mongolia or Mongolia River Outfitters. This allows us to provide a limited number of guests each year with access to the world’s finest taimen fishing while making certain communities benefit from their protected resources.

The Mongolia River Outfitters location is majestic. 

This is a highly productive river with endless opportunities to encounter enthusiastic fish.  This may be the best taimen river in the world in terms of fish numbers.  The landscape is pastoral, sparsely populated, and varied. Rolling hills are punctuated by tall cliffs, forests of birch, larch, and Siberian pine, and healthy grasslands. The stream is dynamic with a mix of shallow runs, wide pools, quick riffles, and long braids. It is very common for us to sight-fish for both taimen and trout. The lower river is more rugged and isolated than the upper section. 

The entire stream is perfect for fly fishing and drift boats.