The Experience

Mongolia is one of the world’s greatest and most unique fly-fishing adventures. 

The culture is ancient. The landscape is vast. Familiar and yet exotic.  The wild river is beautiful…  highly productive and made for fly-fishing.

We float a new stretch of water every day, fishing between a string of riverside camps each with a perfect blend of rustic hospitality.

Giant taimen lurk everywhere.  There are Asp, Lenok, and Grayling… and endemic Amur pike and Amur trout found nowhere else on the planet. 

We stop along the way for a great shore lunch. Every evening when you drift into camp, your bags are waiting. The bed is made and the fire is lit. There are cocktails at sunset, with dinner to follow.

MRO Trip Dates

Buryat Headwaters Expedition:
September – October

Upper River Adventure:
September – October

Lower River Expedition:
September – October

For June – August Trips
Please visit Fish Mongolia


Buryat Headwaters Expedition

6 days fishing

Two anglers, one guide, and a small camp staff float six days down the beautiful headwaters of this amazing river.  Enjoy cozy streamside tent-tipi camps.  Be among the less than ten guests a year who get to experience this incredible section of stream. 

Upper River Adventure

6 days fishing

Six days of adventure floating through the upper strech of the world’s first taimen santuary.  A well-appointed ger camp welcomes guests at the end of each day’s float. The trip for anglers who enjoy a bit more comfort with their adventure. 

Lower River Expedition

8 days fishing

Eight days exploring an isolated portion of the world’s first taimen sanctuary.  A mix of ger camps and slightly rustic Nordic tipi camps… all eminently comfortable.  The trip for anglers who don’t mind a bit of roughing it… in style.


** Combine any of these adventures for an extended odyssey of 14 or 21 days on the river.  Experience a new stretch of water every day. **

Get in touch 


If you’re interested in joining one of these amazing adventures, please contact us. We’re more than happy to send additional information or to set up a time to call and talk.