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The Taimen Experience

The chance to fly fish for taimen in Mongolia is an incredible opportunity and adventure.

Mongolia’s horizons are limitless. The traditional culture remains nomadic. There is a vastness unlike any other place. No fences. No motor-boats. No crowds. Just hundreds of kilometers of pristine, protected, and very productive river to explore. It’s all a bit like turning back the clock.  

And, with any luck, you will catch some really, really big fish!

Taimen Fly Fishing Trips 

Mongolia River Outfitters has three different itineraries – each covering a separate section of the river – or guests may choose to combine itineraries to explore more river. 

The first trip starts from the headwaters, the second covers the middle portion of the river, and the third travels through the remote lower section. Together, these three trips provide access to over three hundred kilometers of pristine, productive and protected river. We use drift boats to float a new stretch of river each day. Every section of river has outstanding scenery, camps, and taimen fishing.  

Buryat Headwaters Expedition – The uppermost stretch of river. 

Upper River Adventures – The middle river section. 

Lower River Expeditions – The lower river. 

Combination Trips – Seamlessly link any two or all three of these trips for a longer adventure.

Our Approach to Fly Fishing for Taimen

We’re now on our third decade of fly fishing for taimen. We learned a long time ago that big taimen spread out and use a lot of water.  So… our fly fishing approach mimics the big taimen. We go big, spread out, and cover a lot of water.  And, we only use non-motorized drift boats because – just like taimen – we like our rivers quiet and natural.

Our super comfortable seasonal taimen camps cover several hundred kilometers of river.  Each camp is strategically located one perfect day’s float apart. We fish and float between camps, fly fishing from Clackacraft drift boats and occasionally jumping out to wade. Each itinerary is about a week long, covering water between six to eight camps.  Folks who want a two or three week taimen adventure can easily link itineraries into a combination trip exploring new water every day. Working our way downstream fishing between camps for a week or more gives each guest an opportunity to experience a new stretch of river daily without a shuttle.

A Typical Day of Taimen Fly Fishing 

It’s a great routine balancing intense fishing with a relaxed river pace. Every morning after breakfast we grab our fly rods, walk about twenty steps to the river, jump into a drift boat, and head downstream. While we’re fishing, the camp staff transport all of our gear to the next camp. Every evening, when you drift into the next stream-side taimen camp, your bags are waiting in your ger or tipi. The bed is made and the shower water is hot. Cocktails at sunset with dinner to follow. After a fun night in a super comfortable camp, it’s up in the morning to go explore entirely new waters.

June – October Fly Fishing Season 

We are busy fly-fishing for taimen from June – October. Taimen fishing is great any of these months that fit your schedule. We can’t control the weather or the fish, but we do have things set-up so that we are fishing the right river at the right time. From June – August, we are in north-central Mongolia at our Fish Mongolia operation.  From September – October, we are in eastern Mongolia at our Mongolia River Outfitters operation.

Please contact us for specific departure dates and availability, or sign up for our e-newsletters for regular updates.

Non-Angling Companions and Excursions

Mongolia is amazing and there is a lot to experience. Our fly fishing visitors commonly add travel to other parts of the country. Very often, non fishing companions will join the float trips and/or go visit another part of Mongolia while you’re out chasing taimen.

We regularly arrange horse-riding stays at comfortable ger camps, guided tours of remote monasteries, visits to Karakorum, journeys to the Gobi or train travel to Beijing. Our autumn taimen fishing trips match very well with the annual Eagle Hunting Festivals. Many guests simply choose to spend a few extra days in Ulanbaatar before and/or after their trip to relax, sight-see, and shop.

We have a full-time office and staff in Ulanbaatar and can easily put together bespoke trips. We are more than happy to provide recommendations or check out our partner Nomadic Journeys for a few ideas.


Please contact us to learn more about fly fishing for taimen, trout, and pike in Mongolia.