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The Taimen Fly-Fishing Experience

An opportunity to float and fish hundreds of kilometers of pristine, protected, and productive river…

Three very unique taimen float trips covering the headwaters, upper, and lower stretches of a great fly-fishing river. 

Guests may choose to seamlessly connect any of these trips to experience two or three week floats. 

We explore new water every day and stay in great stream-side camps every night… without ever having to shuttle. 

Please contact us for more details. 


Buryat Headwaters Expedition

Upper River Adventures

Lower River Expeditions

Combination Trips


Exciting fishing, great scenery, and fascinating culture at a relaxed river pace.

We have been doing this a very long time and learned by experience that big taimen spread out and use a lot of water.  Even in the healthiest rivers, taimen populations densities are not like a normal trout.  Taimen require a magnified perspective.  It takes hundreds of kilometers of pristine river to support a healthy population of massive taimen.  So… we go big, spread out, and cover a lot of water.

Each float trip covers at least one-hundred kilometers and a couple of them cover much more.  A small group of anglers floats and fishes each trip section once a week.  We don’t fish the same beat every day.  Every stretch of river rests for long periods between trips.  And we don’t need to shuttle.  After breakfast we just grab our fly rods, walk about twenty steps to the river, jump into a drift boat with our guide, and head downstream.

An experienced team of private cooks, camp staff, and guides supports every trip.  While we’re fishing, the camp staff transport all of our gear to the next camp.  Depending upon the trip and the season, these camps are either Nordic tipi camps or traditional Mongolian ger camps.

Every evening, when you drift into the next stream-side taimen camp, your bags are waiting, the bed is made and the shower water is hot. Cocktails at sunset with dinner to follow. After a fun night in a super comfortable camp, it’s up in the morning to go explore entirely new waters.

You can see photos and read about our taimen camps here.

It’s all a bit like turning back the clock.

On your adventure you’ll have a chance to see a unique and very much intact nomadic culture.  Mongolia’s vastness is unlike any other place.  Limitless horizons.  No fences.  No crowds.

These trips explore the World’s first Taimen Sanctuary.

In 2008, the six counties (Soums), WWF, and MRO came together to designate this entire river as the world’s first taimen sanctuary.  As part of our long-term conservation agreements, MRO is exclusively responsible for all international angling on this river.  Only international anglers holding a fishing permit allocated through Mongolia River Outfitters may legally fish this river.

All fishing is catch-and-release, fly-fishing only with single, barbless hooks.  Local communities consider this river to be holy.  Motorboats are outlawed and a sacrilege.  Just like taimen, we like our rivers quiet and natural.

We are busy fly-fishing for taimen from June – October. 

Taimen fishing is great any of these months that fit your schedule.  No one can control the weather or the fish, but we do have things set-up so that we are fishing the right river at the right time.

June – August:  We are in north-central Mongolia at our Fish Mongolia operation. 

September – October:  We are in eastern Mongolia at our Mongolia River Outfitters operation

We are available 24/7 to help with your trip.

Our international guest services team and full time office staff are always available to answer questions and support your trip logistics.

We’ve been fly-fishing for and working to protect Mongolian taimen for over thirty years.

We hope you will join us for an amazing fly fishing adventure.