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The Upper River Adventure

The classic MRO fly-fishing trip and a guest favorite

This adventure offers a superbly scenic river, a very productive fishery, and traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) camps every night.

The landscape here is pastoral and gentle.  Rolling mountains covered with pine and larch surround the wide valley.  Thick forests of popular and willow fill the river bottom.  Autumn colors are outstanding.  The current holds steady as it braids into an intricate variety of seams and riffles.  The river alternates between grassy banks, woody islands, and pebbled shores. 

This is a very beautiful and extremely productive stretch of river with outstanding populations of trout, pike, and taimen.

This is also the only MRO trip where guests stay in traditional Mongolian ger camps every night on their way downstream.  All the traditional ger camps have a large dining ger where we eat, relax and socialize.  The guest sleeping gers feature traditional furniture, comfortable beds, linens, and wood-burning stoves.   The shower gers have a warm stove and plenty of hot water.  You can see photos and read more about the meals and camps here.

Guests return often to float the Upper.  The combination of great fly fishing and traditional Mongolian lodging is one of the most unique and fascinating angling experiences out there.

Please send us an email or call to chat about the details.

There are fewer and fewer places in this world where you can experience a truly untouched environment. The terrain went from open prairies and rolling hills to rocky cliffs. Most beautiful skies and green grass I have ever seen. If you have the chance to experience it… don’t pass it up!
– Susan Hampton, Texas, USA