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Trout and Pike

Most anglers arrive seeking taimen, but quickly realize that Mongolia also boasts exceptional fly fishing for trout and pike. 

There are two trout species – Amur trout and Mongolian trout – and the Amur Pike.  Each is found only in this part of the world. 

Amur trout (Brachymystax savinovi) are impressive. This trout species is unique to the Amur system and found nowhere else on the planet. Amur trout are beautiful with coppery flanks, big black spots and heavy shoulders. They hit the fly with commitment and fight hard.  We’ve caught Amur trout pushing 30 inches.

Lenok (Brachymystax lenok) are found throughout Mongolia. They are a wonderful and ancient trout with silvery bodies, bright red bands, and black spots. Most fly caught Mongolian trout come in between 14 – 20 inches, and we land lenok well over 20 inches each season.

Amur Pike (Esox reichetti) are a native species found in only two places… this river system and Sakhalin island. Amur pike are ornery. Pike tend to haunt backwaters and soft pockets along the river.  Amur pike hammer flies and grow to over 40 inches.

Amur grayling (Thymallus grubii) are native only to this river system.  Mongolia has four species of grayling.  The Amur grayling found in this river are typically small (less than 10 inches). We find them in pockets of fast water with schools actively feeding on tiny hatches.  If you specifically want large grayling, our Fish Mongolia operation is your spot. 

Asp (Pseudaspius leptocephalus) are sometimes called freshwater tarpon due to their bright silver bodies. Asp typically hang out in back eddies where they feed on smaller fish. They are fun to catch and beautiful to see. Asp have thick bodies and often measure between 18 – 25 inches. We target Asp very effectively using small streamers.