“This is the only place I have been where you put a 20-plus inch trout back as soon as you can as it’s not what you were after! If you dedicated time to the trout and grayling completely you could easily reach a triple digit day.”
Matt B., USA

Trout and Pike

With hundreds of kilometres of blue-ribbon water, many guests have described the trout and pike fishing as some of the best in the world. We regularly have anglers net 30+ trout in a single day, all on dry flies. When fishing in a taimen sanctuary, a sunny afternoon drifting hoppers to dozens of 20-inch trout or slipping into a slough to seek out a ravenous pike is an incredible bonus.

Amur trout (Brachymystax savinovi) are found nowhere else on the planet. These strikingly beautiful trout have coppery flanks and big shoulders. They fight hard and will take terrestrials, mice, and streamers.

Lenok (Brachymystax lenok) are found throughout Mongolia. They are a wounderful and ancient trout with silvery bodies, bright red bands, and black spots. These Mongolian trout often feed aggressively on the surface throughout the summer and autumn.

A typical fly-caught Mongolian lenok ranges from 14 to 22 inches, while Amur trout average slightly larger. Both species can reach 30 inches.  The Amur trout and Mongolian lenok wait along grassy banks to slurp grasshoppers, or in gravelly runs to sip mayflies and stoneflies or intercept nymphs. Big trout will happily destroy a mouse pattern skated across the surface. Because they are usually quite willing to take the fly, both species provide a nice balance to the occasionally obstinate taimen.  

Amur Pike (Esox reichetti) are a native species found in only two places in the world… this river and Sakhalin island.  The ornery Amur pike are fantastic fun and super popular with our anglers and guides.  They tend to haunt backwaters and soft pockets along the river.  They nail flies and grow to over 40 inches.

Amur grayling (Thymallus grubii) are another fish native only to this river system.  These fish are typically small (less than 10 inches) and are found in pockets of fast water. Schools of grayling can be found actively feeding on tiny hatches.  Mongolia has four species of grayling.  To catch them all would require a fly-fishing odyssey around Mongolia. If you specifically want to target grayling, the river at Fish Mongolia hosts a more abundant population with a larger average size. 

Asp (Pseudaspius leptocephalus) are another predatory fish that we often catch.  Sometimes called freshwater tarpon because of their bright silver bodies, Asp target streamers that mimic the small fish that they feed upon.  Asp often measure between 18 – 25 inches.  

In short

  • Amur Pike and Amur Trout are species unique to this river.

  • Amur trout and lenok typically range from 14 to 22 inches, with some specimens reaching 30 inches

  • Amur Pike lurk in quiet waters.  They are typically around 30 inches, but big ones can be found measuring 45+ inches.

  • Anglers who focus on trout fishing often net more than 30 in a single day.

“I’ve caught at least a dozen big lenok that have attacked the mouse imitations intended for the taimen. I reckon this is a pretty good problem to have.”

Dan C., USA


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